Welcome to Delightful Nest!


Hello, and welcome to Delightful Nest! I’m so glad you have stopped by, and it’s my hope that this blog will leave you feeling energized, encouraged, and maybe even laughing.

I would like to call this a “Life Blog”. I won’t be posting about the same topic or idea with every post; rather, I will be sharing my life with you.

My life includes, first and foremost, my relationship with Jesus Christ and my adventure as I do my best to become more like Christ each and every day. I don’t always get it right, but at least as His child, I am forgiven.
My life also includes my marriage and my kids, and our life at home as well as with our extended family and friends. My life includes my work as a childcare provider and my work as a housewife, which is a constant work in progress for me, I will admit. My life includes my interests, including knitting, crochet, and cross stitch, which I share with myself (the actual crafting – the finished objects usually are gifted), and television, film, books, Broadway musicals, music, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy, all of which I share with my husband.

This blog is a long time coming for me. I am a former book blogger, and while I do love reading and reviewing books for authors, I found myself wanting to say things about what I learned from God while reading the Bible, or something funny the kids did, or how far I had gotten on the pair of socks I was knitting at the time. I decided to take a break from blogging until I figured out the best blog format for what all I wanted to say. I wanted to make sure that the people reading my blog wouldn’t just be reading for the sake of entertainment. I realized I wanted people to take something away from what I share, even if it’s just a laugh, a lifted spirit, or that comforting feeling when you find you’re not alone in a situation or struggle. After much thought and prayer, I decided the best way to have a blog that could potentially change lives would be to blog intentionally and share whatever I feel led to share, and to give each post a purpose.

That’s when Delightful Nest was born. Who I am in Christ and my home life are what makes me who I am. My family strives to keep God first, and we make it out purpose to delight in Him, as found in Psalm 37:4. I would like to take the next few days to expound upon delighting in The Lord, and what it means to my family and myself. I live in a Delightful Nest, and I can’t wait to share my life with you!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Delightful Nest!

  1. Welcome to blogging world!I hope you stop by for a visit. On Sunday, I host "First Day Praise" a blog hop sharing praise from the bleaaings of the previous week. I too blog about life, books, and recipes. It is nice to meet you.~ Grace

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