Delightful Nest: Delight is a Verb


Strong’s concordance translates the word “delight” found Psalm 37:4 into a Hebrew feminine verb, meaning to be soft, delicate, pliable, and to spend in enjoyment. This verb is also translated into the imperative; God is not merely suggesting we delight in Him – He is demanding it. Now that we know we are commanded to delight in God, how are we to apply this to our daily lives? What does it look like to delight in God?

How to Delight in God

God wants us to delight in Him by being soft, delicate, and pliable in His hands. We were created to worship Him, but this goes against the sin nature we were born into. We weren’t merely put on this earth to live out our lives with no eternal purpose – God created each and every one of us for His enjoyment – His delight. In order to become the people God needs us to be, we must allow ourselves to be molded out of our worldy, sinful selves, and into humble vessels that keep God in the position of Lord He so deserves. To show our delight in God, we have to humble ourselves by dying to ourselves and be pliant, allowing God complete control to shape and guide our lives.

This is where the “soft and delicate” comes in. If we try to compartmentalize and comtrol where God molds our lives, or if we dig in our heels and try to stop God’s changes because they’re so painful (which these changes often are – no sugar coating this one), our lives will not glorify God as ahe wants them to. Trying to hold onto the reigns of life, and especially trying to stop God’s deliberate molding and pruning, is the complete opposite of delighting in the Lord. We must be gentle and humble, allowing these changes to take place.

I will be completely honest in saying completely surrendering control of everything is not easy at all. We must daily submit ourselves holly and completely to His Lordship and authority. Take heart! When you allow yourself to be pliant and you find yourself being molded by His hands, you will begin to glean the blessings and promises God reveals in His word.

Finally, once we have allowed ourselves to be pliant, soft, and delicate by allowing God to mold and work mighty changes in our lives, we will be able to take pleasure in and spend enjoyment in God’s blessings and promises. Some of God’s promises that we find in the Bible include shelter from the storms of life, a life free of worry, and treasures in Heaven, to name a small few. Once you begin to experience God’s goodness and loving-kindness in your life, the natural reaction will be delighting in him. You will begin to seek God’s blessings and wait in excited anticipation for how God will answer your prayers. You will rejoice in simple things like a good soaking rain, and you will be giddily excited when learning of a new believer in Christ. This is delighting in The Lord. This is where God wants you – so consumed in Him that you lose yourself completely and you seek only Him, losing yourself completely and finding Him breathtaking, heart-stoppingly wonderful, and well deserving of all of our time, gifts, talents, worship, and devotion.

Now, friend, you know what it means to delight in The Lord – softly, gently allow yourself to be pliant and molded into His beautiful creation. Spend time enjoying God’s blessings and fulfilled promises in your life. In my next post, I will expound upon what it really means for God to give you the desires of your heart – one of The promises He gives to those who delight in Him.

How are you doing in the area of delighting in The Lord? What steps can you take this week do delight in The Lord on an even deeper level? What blessings or promises have you seen fulfilled in your life as a result of delighting in Him?


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