Archive | June 2013

Living Intentionally: An Introduction


What does “living intentionally” mean?

I suppose this is one of those phrases that can mean something different to everyone. As God is revealing intentional living to me, I am finding that intentional living means that everything I do has purpose. Everything. And the purposes of what I do are good. Living intentionally is a choice – a conscious decision to do away with everything meaningless and unnecessary and fill your life with purpose and meaning.

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Delightful Nest: The Desires of Your Heart


This is it – the day I am publicly making my new blog “go live”. This blog has been bathed in prayer, and I have talked to God about whether I should or shouldn’t venture back into blogging, and if I did, what direction should this blog take? I even posted a few posts and waited in between for guidance about the next post (that’s why there’s about a month gap between the first two posts and the third – sorry!) so that I could be sure each post is intentional and what I need to say, instead of just what I want to say.

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