Delightful Nest: The Desires of Your Heart


This is it – the day I am publicly making my new blog “go live”. This blog has been bathed in prayer, and I have talked to God about whether I should or shouldn’t venture back into blogging, and if I did, what direction should this blog take? I even posted a few posts and waited in between for guidance about the next post (that’s why there’s about a month gap between the first two posts and the third – sorry!) so that I could be sure each post is intentional and what I need to say, instead of just what I want to say.

I mentioned in my first post that I felt rather forced into a corner with my last blog, a book review blog. There was nothing wrong with that blog, and I feel the blog brought glory to God, yes, but some of my posts were written out of immediacy, or sometimes even just for the sake of having something new on my blog.
After I had my baby boy, which is a life change in and of itself, I felt in my bones that God was going to take me to the next level in my relationship with Him. I have been in a relationship with Jesus since I was six years old, and while at times that relationship has been on-again-off-again from my end, over the past few years I have grown much closer to Jesus than at any other time in our relationship. Now, over the last few months, God has shown me a lot about intentional living and living a life that is passionate for Christ, which He wants to be void of everything meaningless and full of everything vital and necessary to living as Jesus lived on earth.
God is finally giving me the desires of my heart, and in that (albeit lengthy) illustration, I’m hoping you see that God fulfilled this promise to me, and He is still in the process of changing my heart to mirror His good and perfect will. I tried to force a square peg into a round hole by taking on a blog that was not wrong, but did not fit with God’s will for me. Where I do hope my book blog helped someone in their relationship with Christ, I know for a fact that some of the words, likely a lot, were mine, and not God’s. My blog was not intentional as I now wish it had been. My blog was what I wanted it to be, instead of being what God needed it to be.
I spent a lot of time reading books, and less time working on my relationship with Him. So I took a break. A long break, in which I read a few books but got back into a right relationship with Jesus. I got Him back into the center of what I do. As a result, my desires started to change from my worldly desires to His eternal desires.
While I’m not perfect in this area, I evaluated my eating and fitness habits and began to eat healthier and keep active. I can see and feel the benefits of taking care of my body the way God wants me to! As a result, God blessed my husband and I with a healthy, vibrant, an very alert baby boy. My bad eating and fitness habits led to my inability to conceive. After my health improved greatly, I conceived.
I prayed and prayed when I was growing up for my first child to be a boy. I was given this gift twice over, as my stepchils is a boy, and my first biological child is a boy as well.
Finally, God has been slowly preparing me to live a life that is lived intentionally and with purpose. I plan on delving further Ito these areas in the days to come. To put it plainly and succinctly, God is showing me old habits that keep me from Him and introducing new habits that honor Him. I am a work in progress, believe me, but there’s something to be said about seeking God before you act. I am seeing tangible and evident results every day. I can’t wait to share how God’s been working in me!
So that’s it then. Seek God honestly, delight in Him, and the desires He promises will be given to you – as He promised – by gently molding your human desires into His desires. When you seek God with all your heart, your heart becomes His.

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