Living Intentionally: An Introduction


What does “living intentionally” mean?

I suppose this is one of those phrases that can mean something different to everyone. As God is revealing intentional living to me, I am finding that intentional living means that everything I do has purpose. Everything. And the purposes of what I do are good. Living intentionally is a choice – a conscious decision to do away with everything meaningless and unnecessary and fill your life with purpose and meaning.

Christ lived intentionally on Earth. Everything He did here had a purpose – everything He did brought glory and honor to God. His actions here on Earth still have purpose and still change lives today! God wants us to become more like Jesus, and as Jesus lived so that His whole life pointed to His Heavenly Father, so should we. Don’t worry if you don’t always get it right, or if you falter and fail. Jesus followers are on a journey where we only reach perfection in Heaven.
A life lived without purpose goes against God’s design for how He wants us to live. We are given purpose in Christ, and it’s up to us to intentionally pursue Christ and choose to become more like Him.
God gives us gifts when we accept and claim Christ as our Savior. As soon as we accept His gift of forgiveness, we are given spiritual gifts that we must utilize to further the Kingdom of God. Those gifts are not meant to be hidden, tucked away, and kept secret – they’re meant to be used! If we acknowledge and utilize our God-given spiritual gifts, we live even more intentionally because we are fulfilling God’s special purpose He has given us.
Then there’s resting and hobbies. Can this time be used intentionally as well? YES! Our hobbies and down time can be spent in God’s word, in prayer, with family, and sleeping. Our hobbies can even have purpose. Reading, crafting, spending time outdoors, and even media, when used correctly, can be enriching to our lives and even bless us and those around us. Sleeping keeps us at our best so that we are energized and physically ready to live for Christ every day.
Intentional living brings honor and glory to God and allows us to follow and fulfill our purposes in Him. Intentional living puts God first and keeps us conscious of his position in our lives. My next posts will focus on the blessings of intentional living in further detail.
In the meantime, spend some time thinking about what living intentionally means to you. Spend time in prayer, thanking God for giving you purpose in life and asking Him to meet you where you are in your life and show you how you can live more intentionally for Christ.

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