Excess to Minimalism 2: An Overview


Now that I have given a Biblical foundation for this series, I would like to outline in greater detail the goals of this series, let you know what I am not trying to say, and give you some further reading.

In each post, I will give you a focal verse, a longer Biblical reference if necessary, and end with further supplemental reading and links.


• Expose the truths about excess from a Biblical viewpoint
• Define the forms of excess, how they’re harmful, and how to combat them
• Define the traps and lies of excess
• Illustrate the benefits of a life free of excess and the tie to possessions as defined in God’s word


• Possessions
• Toxic Thoughts
• Food
• Alcohol
• Leisure
• Love of Money
• Wardrobe
• Technology
• Consumer Waster
• Media


• Entitlement
• Hurt
• Lack of Trust in God
• Love of Possessions
• Letting the World Define Us
• Fear
• Need-To-Know Society
• Have-It-Now/”Microwave” Society
• “More Is Better” Attitude


As with Intentional Living, everyone has their own view and definition of Minimalism. Before you try to twist my words or put words into my mouth that I have not said, I want to let you know what I most certainly am not saying in my posts.

• I am not saying that all possessions are bad. I am simply showing that an excess of possessions does not honor God.
• I am not saying that technology is bad. Technology can be a very effective tool for finding and sharing information – and Jesus! It’s all in how you use it. When one begins to define themselves by technology, they stop letting themselves be defined by their spiritual values.
• I am not saying you have to become a nomad or a hermit. I am not saying you have to sell everything you have, become a Freegan, make all your clothes out of hemp, and live in a yurt. I am writing these posts for people who live in our postmodern, technology-driven society, and plan on continuing to live in our culture, with daily human interactions. If you feel God is leading you to this extreme Minimalistic end result, then by all means, obey, but please remember that you can’t separate yourself from society and still be salt and light in a dark world, and you also can’t do your part to fulfill the Great Commission.
• I am not saying you have to act in the same way I have being convicted, or that you even have to do anything at all. I just want to share with you how God is working inside of me. God convicts us all differently and where He needs to work on us in our lives. I do pray that these posts will lead you to some serious introspection into your own life and to your own prayers with God concerning your areas of excess.


I have listed here some articles and posts concerning possessions, excess, and Minimalism for you to gain a further foundational understanding on these subjects.

Boxed In, Wanting Out: American Families are Overwhelmed by Clutter

Study: Physical Possessions and US Families

Americans Are Still Overwhelmed By Excess

7 Common Problems Solved by Owning Less

Jesus and the Minimalist Lifestyle

Simplify, and Savor Life

In my next post I will begin to flesh out the different forms of excess, starting with possessions. In the meantime, read some of the articles I have posted above. Do you live in a life full of excess? Can you identify one area of excess that you can give over to God, right now, and allow Him to begin to remove your excesses?

2 thoughts on “Excess to Minimalism 2: An Overview

    • You’re so welcome! I feel that this is one of those lifestyle changes that can be greatly misunderstood, so I really wanted to back up the series with concrete articles. Yours is wonderful!

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