Back in the Saddle: A Million Little Ways Week 1


Have you ever had that feeling when God tugs at your heart so badly that you freeze, listen, and then wonder why you froze in the first place because God decided to go all in and shout at you? So loudly you couldn’t mistake His words? Please tell me I am not the only one so I don’t feel like I should be locked up and carted off to the loony bin.

God shouted at me this week. An anonymous donor, by the goodness of their heart, sent me a copy of Emily P. Freeman’s A Million Little Ways . I opened the book to read and was floored by the Truth contained in these pages. Sure, Freeman wrote these words, so in a sense they are “her words”, but they are so Spirit filled that you know she allowed herself to be a vessel for the words of our Creator. She expresses that God, being Creator, having made us in His image, formed us to live as art and for each of us to create art for His glory.

We were made to create and use all of our talents and abilities to make this world beautiful in the eyes of God. I have recently taken a break from my online presence, sticking only to keeping up with close friends and family. I devoted my efforts to prayer for my church, prayer for my own future and that of my family, and spending lots and lots of time in God’s word.

When things settled and I knew God was ready for me to get back to writing, I dug in my heels and refused. No way was I going back to a blog that I had only recently gotten off the ground only to leave it hung high and dry. What of my readers? Who would find me credible if they realized I was mid-blog-series AND new and then just stopped unexpectedly?

God told me He didn’t care. When I finished chapter one of Freeman’s book, He told me to write, write, write, and to do so for His glory. Not for mine, not for readership, but for His glory, and that He would do the rest. My part is to write and share myself through words, and the effect on others is out of my hands entirely and in His. God made me to create – God made me to glorify Him through written words. I pray you are blessed as God blesses me through the release of writing.

I leave you with a question – please respond in the comments, as I would love to hear from you: I began a series on Minimalism, the role that excess plays in keeping us from keeping God first, and how to get rid of the unnecessary to focus on Him alone. Would you like me to continue this series, or are you more interested in a future book/ebook on the subject? Please let me know, and thank you!


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