Fun and Useful Links

Here’s a list of my favorite websites.  These sites help keep me on track as I strive to live intentionally and as I journey toward a life of living simply.

Crosswalk – This website is indispensable for me.  You will find Bible study tools, devotions, encouragement, as well as a search engine that allows you to search the entire Bible.

YouVersion – This is the Bible I take with me everywhere on my iPhone.  The website and mobile versions both offer the complete Bible in several versions and languages, as well as many devotionals and Bible reading plans.  I utilize the note-taking feature right from my phone during Sunday morning worship.

Christian Mommy Blogger – Fantastic resource for Christian bloggers!  Great tips on making the most out of your blog, effective and intentional blogging, as well as encouragement on your blogging journey.

Flylady – Empowering and Encouraging you to bless your home through cleaning and decluttering.  Her powerful system utilizes routines and babysteps to keep your home clean and decluttered.  Check her out – everything is free, tried and true, and best of all, it works!

Becoming Minimalist – Joshua Becker shares the benefits of living a life free of unnecessary possessions and clutter.  What’s more, he enforces minimalist living by showing how this lifestyle reflects Jesus’ life on Earth as well as the heart of God.

Zen Habits – further encouragement toward simple living and positive thinking.    Offers insight to effectively start and maintain healthy and effective habits.

Unclutterer – Great blog with wonderful ideas on getting rid of clutter and staying organized.  I like their “Simplifried” section of the website which focuses on clean and simple eating.

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