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Five Minute Friday: Together


Joining for my second Five Minute Friday! Coming to you from Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, I will write unedited for five minutes. No take backs, no changes, just my thoughts written out completely.

This week’s focus: Together.

My husband and I left for the beach (THE beach – Myrtle Beach) last Friday to join up with our son who was vacationing with another family. They also are great friends of ours. Our son, Noah, and their son, Blake, are best friends.

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Five Minute Friday: Beautiful


Here I go! This is my first time linking up with the other ladies at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog for Five Minute Friday.

The objective? Write unedited, unscripted, unfixed for five minutes on the prompt she gives. Then link up on her blog with the others who accepted the challenge.

This week’s topic: Beautiful.

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